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Please read complete email

We are thrilled that we are returning to play. Its been a whole year and I am sure we have all gone through many changes! The changes will continue...... We have jumped through all the hoops in hopes of getting our kids back on our fields. With that being said, the safety of our children, volunteers and families are our main priority. This email will serve as notice to all of our expectations and requirements in moving forward with our soccer program.

All players will be required to wear masks. Masks will be required to and from the fields. Players do not need to wear masks while practicing and on the field of play. Players must social distance, at least 6 feet apart. Players must supply their own hand sanitizer. Players must have a water bottle and are strictly prohibited from sharing water or snacks of any kind. Players may not share their Soccer Ball with any other player. Soccer Ball must be sanitized before each practice. Players must check in at the designated Check in table and parents must complete the 5 question questionnaire before their player is allowed to enter the practice field or field of play.

Parents, Family Members, Guests and All volunteers. 
Masks and social distancing are Mandatory while on or near the practiced field or field of play. Parents must complete the 5 question questionnaire and check in their player(s) before each practice session. Only Players and Coaches and Team Managers and League Officials are allowed on the Practice Fields. All others will remain in their Vehicles, behind the fences or in the designated spectator areas. Food and drinks may not be shared on or near the practice field or field of play.

Training Days and Practice.
The first 2 weeks of practice, beginning 2/22/2021 will be Training, Conditioning and Evaluation of all players. Please Refer to the Practice Schedule Posted on the AYSO 1258 Website. Your Child's Division will be designated with a Day and Time of practice. You will come to the fields (Community Park in Summerlin located off of Towne Center) Complete the 5 questions questionnaire and check your child in at the designated field.  After the 2 week evaluation process, Teams will be drawn on week 3 and coaches will be assigned. We will follow our AYSO Philosophy of Balanced teams by taking the coaches evaluations and building teams according to player talent. It is our intention to create balanced teams in an effort to make sure teams are on the same playing level. (We try to do the best job we can.) After players are assigned to a Team and Coach, the teams will have the opportunity to practice together for a few weeks before beginning Game play on April 10. (after we come back from Spring Break).

What will my child need to play?
Ball   (size according to division)  Refer to website.
Soccer Cleats or Athletic Shoe
Soccer Socks  (Socks must cover Shinguards completely)
Hand Sanitizer

Game Play
Games will begin on April 10th Game Schedules will be released after teams have been organized. Parents must answer the 5 question questionnaire before a player will be permitted to play in a game.
Parents, Guests and visitors to the fields will be required to sit in the designated areas (see map) wear masks and social distance.  NO SNACKS CAN BE SHARED ON THE FIELD OF PLAY BETWEEN PLAYERS.  Players may bring their own snacks but no sharing.
Uniforms will be issued to coaches as soon as they receive their team rosters. Coaches will issue uniforms to players the week before games begin. 


* 6U and  8U Divisions will play game April 10th through May 15th
* 10U through 19U will play games April 10th through May 22nd
* Schoolyard  (5U) will play March 12, 19, 26  Easter Break  April 9, 16, 23

Pets, Drugs and Alcohol are strictly prohibited during soccer events.
Please leave your furry friends at home. No pets are allowed near or around our practice fields.

We ask for your patience and cooperation as we navigate through these unknown territories. We may look a little unorganized at times...... We are all Volunteers doing our best to give your children the best soccer experience possible.


Dear Coaches, Parents and Volunteers,

With the increase in the COVID-19 case numbers nationwide daily come uncertainties. With our 2020 spring season and Fall 2020 being cancelled we must commit ourselves to keeping the CDC recommendations
and Nevada Guidance for Adult and Youth Sports. All participants will be asked to do their part to maintain all safety precautions set by these entities.

All volunteers and staff may be required to be tested during the season
If a player, household family member or volunteer feels ill (COVID /FLU like symptoms) you should not attend any practices and games. 
If a player on your team, family member, or volunteer receives a positive COVID-19 test all members of that team, will have to be quarantined for 14 days (no practice or games).
Player or their parent must notify the Coach if COVID-19 is suspected within the household.
Safety measures for Players and Volunteers:
All players must wear face covering It must cover the mouth and noise when coming on and off the field. Face covering can be removed during physical activities/ exertion.
All Coaches, and/or registered volunteers are required to wear a mask when on the AYSO REGION 1258 Fields and during any AYSO event.
Temperatures may be taken and recorded for each practice and/or games.
Each coach will receive a COVID-19 questionnaire that must be completed prior to each practice and/or game.
All Spectators, Parents and Family members are required to wear face covering when attending any AYSO event. We will also ask that each of you to observe the 6ft rule required for Social Distancing. 
All Parents/ Guardians, Family Members must sit in the designated areas on the field to observe the games and/or practices.
The Region will provide each Coach Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in each of their coaches’ bag. 

If we are not able to begin the season due to a State Mandate. (No Practices) Refunds will be issued minus a Fee designated by the AYSO 1258 Regional Board. Please be aware. After we have begun practice and games. There will be no refunds issued. 

COVID-19 cases are climbing daily all members of the soccer community must agree to wear face covering whenever on the Soccer Fields and surrounding areas and maintain social distancing.

Please keep in mind that as we continue to power through the season safely it will be easier to navigate through as we all agree to maintain and keep the Guidance as suggested.

All decisions and actions are based on CDC recommendations and the Nevada Guidance for Adult and Youth Sports and AYSO 1258 Regional Board.

Each team will be responsible to ensure that the field that their team is playing on is set-up before the scheduled start time and taken down and that all equipment is stored in its proper location! In AYSO Everyone participates
Everyone is asked to do their part. We ask that you be respectful to all Volunteers and be kind.

Thank you for your continued support of the Summerlin AYSO soccer program. We are all looking forward to getting back on the soccer fields and some normalcy. 
If you have any questions, Please, do not hesitate to contact me. We are here to serve you!


Kimberly Wilkinson
AYSO Region 1258 
Regional Commissioner


AYSO Region 1258 is comprised entirely of volunteers. We encourage each parent to consider helping in some part of our program. Prior experience is not required and we will provide the necessary training, equipment and uniforms (i.e. coaches, referees).

Volunteer positions include the following:

  1. Head Coach/Assistant Coach
  2. Coaching Staff (Mentors, Instructors, Coordinators)
  3. Division Coordinators (Program Managers/Team Formation) 
  4. Referee and Assistant Referee
  5. Referee Staff (Mentors, Assessors, Instructors, Coordinators) 
  6. Board Member/Assistant Board Member

AYSO Region 1258 NEEDS volunteers who want to help make our soccer program a fun and memorable experience for the kids.

Please email Commissioner Kim if you are interested in volunteering. We need all the help we can get. 


How to Register as a Parent
Detailed instructions can be found here
How to Register an adult as a Volunteer 
Click on REGISTER NOW on (top right)
After registering, signup as a volunteer by following instructions below (How to Re-sign your Volunteer Application for the current season)

How to Re-sign your Volunteer Application for the current season
Login to (top right)

Click on "VOLUNTEER" on left, then "FIND VOLUNTEER ROLES"

Select The MY19 Volunteer Program, then click on "View Available Positions"

Click on "Sign Up" next to the Position for which you are volunteering, then click on Continue

Proceed by checking all the information and  submitting. After Submitting, goto the e-signature page and sign your volunteer application.

How to Register a player (youth) as a Volunteer

Registering youths as as referees is a little complicated in Blue Sombrero / AYSOU:

  • Go to, and then click the link in the upper right to sign up.
  • Create a new account for youth player, using a new/different email in Blue Sombrero.
  • Put in the youth player's name and address and other info as requested and click the dropdown to "other" as opposed to parent or guardian.  At this point, it assumes that you are the parent registering your child to play. 
  • Once past that page, click on the link for volunteer or volunteer activities.  Then there is another link to "find volunteer roles".
  • Select the program 2 - "Volunteer Registration -- MY19", and clicked available roles, and then sign up for "youth referee"
  • Once there, fill in some additional info for the youth player (which including that they are a returning volunteer as a opposed to a new volunteer), identify yourself as the parent, and then after submitting, goto the esignature page and there is the option to sign as the parent.  Click and submit.

Finding your AYSO ID or Active Learner Number

Sign into

Your active learner number is displayed as above.

How to take the AYSO Safehaven and Concussion courses

Sign into

Click on "My Courses"

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